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Weekly Market Overview 15-19/03/2021 (en)

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Weekly Market Overview 15-19/03/2021

This week you can read about how the Greek, European, US and APAC markets fluctuated during the past week. In Greece, the General Index, after hitting a 13-month high, presented a decline mainly affected by the banks’ developments, especially of Piraeus Bank, whose share suffered losses of 30% on a weekly basis. European markets are struggling to tackle the third wave of the virus and thus watch recovery moving further away, something that gives occasion for Central Banks to take additional measures to support the economy. In the US, investors are worried about the 10-year Treasury yield’s ongoing spike. The Fed acknowledges the concerns, keeping however its monetary policy stable. In the APAC region, Chinese markets underperformed for the week after reaching a deadlock in talks with the US at the Alaska meeting, while Japan introduced tweaks to further extend its loose monetary policy. In our stocks section you will find analyses for the much-discussed AstraZeneca PLC and Upstart Holdings, a cloud AI platform. Last but not least, on commodities, oil prices dropped for the week as opposed to gold’s hike, both due to the 10-year US bond interest rate increase