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About Us

About us

foundation and vision

Finance Club UniPi was founded in February 2019 by a community of students of the Department of Finance and Banking Administration, with a common vision of a senior student of the University of Piraeus, equipped with all the necessary supplies to conquer the Greek and international labor market. It is addressed to students of the University of Piraeus who wish to engage in the field of finance, regardless of the department or the semester in which they are.

Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to practice their academic knowledge on practical issues of the wider financial market. This is achieved through the continuous monitoring of the international press and the commentary of the current financial news, the study and valuation of companies of the Athens Stock Exchange and the organization of training seminars.



The Finance Club UniPi Board of Directors is elected each year from the General Meeting which is composed of the club’s active members. The Board of Directors for the academic year 2021-2022 is comprised of the following members:



Konstantinos Stathopoulos



Financial Manager

Konstantinos Galanis


Kostantinos Petris

Corporate Finance Director

Nikolaos Tsolakis

Financial Markets Director

Aristotelis-Georgios Kostopoulos

Marketing Department Director

About us

Founding Members

Finance Club UniPi was founded by a group of 10 students in early 2019 with the common goal of successfully connecting the academic community to the Greek and international labor markets. The following students (in alphabetical order) set up the Finance Club UniPi in order to achieve this goal are:

1)    Douramanis Antonis

2)    Dragatsis Dimitris

3)    Dragatsis Makis

4)    Frangelis Modestos

5)    Georgousis Angelos

6)    Katsanevakis Nikos

7)    Marakis Nikos

8)    Stamatis Giannis

9)    Tsevas Angelos

10) Zorzos Markos

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