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Weekly Market Overview 18-22/01/2021 (en)

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Weekly Market Overview 11-15/01/2021

This week you can read about how the Greek, European, US and APAC markets fluctuated during the past week. In Greece, the market landed in low levels, failing to maintain December’s momentum, while mitigating optimism for the Q1 2021. In Europe, the pandemic is once again uncompromising, and the macroeconomic data do not seem to let the economy catch a breath. US markets, on the other hand, have reached new highs welcoming the new President Biden and his first actions in the White House. In our stocks analysis you will find Netflix and Paccar Inc., strong gains for the first and a very interesting strategic partnership for the second. In the APAC markets, China’s economy manages to regain the lost ground, reaching pre-coronavirus levels. In commodities, crude oil moved steadily while gold had an excellent course during the past week.