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Viohalco ESG Report (en)

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ESG Analysis | Viohalco

Leading European metal manufacturing companies are held together by Viohalco S.A. (VIO), a holding company based in Belgium, founded in 1937. Regarding its subsidiary in Greece, the company managed to complete its secondary listing of shares on the Athens Stock Exchange in February 2014. Proceeding to the ESG Analysis for 2021, Viohalco S.A. through its innovative ideas, responsible use of natural resources, sufficient provision of information and excellent service to employees and customers, managed to obtain a B+, with their best performance being the environmental pillar, followed by the social pillar and lastly the governance pillar. Generally, Viohalco seems to comply and follow the ESG norms and principles to a great extent, indicating that they continuously try to adapt to the changes and the influence that ESG now has globally.