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Weekly Market Overview 22-26/03/2021 (en)

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Weekly Market Overview 22-26/03/2021

This week you can read about how the Greek, European, US and APAC markets fluctuated during the past week. In Greece, the General Index, presented recovery after the previous week’s fall, fueled by the developments on the banks’ securitization program and accelerations on some companies’ important decisions that had been delayed. In Europe, governments announce new lockdown extensions while concerns arise around the vaccine adequacy. In the US, the rate of 10-year Treasury bond falls back under 1.7% during the past week which also marked the one-year anniversary of the history’s sharpest bear market. On our stocks section you will find analyses of Intel Corporation and WeWork that caught our attention during the past week. In the APAC markets, sanctions against Chinese companies continue while Japan’s stock end with losses on a weekly basis. On commodities, the situation in the Suez Canal coupled with the failed refloating attempts, block a significant percent of global trade but simultaneously underpin oil prices during a very fragile market.